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In the ever changing and highly competitive TEFL job-hunting arena specialisation is highly desirable and a big asset. Most teachers of English as part of their daily teaching routine have to teach a wide range of classes: from very young and young learners to teenagers, adults and professionals.

Having a Young Learners Teaching Certificate will often be determining in landing the TEFL job you are applying for.

This Further Certificate for Teachers of Young Learners can be taken as a free-standing course or as a complement to an initial TEFL qualification.

It is suitable both to teachers wanting to specialize in the young learners field and to those seeking to attain a higher level within their organisation as well as to those who just want to learn about teaching in the primary and teenage classroom.

Course Qualifications

Successful candidates will be awarded the


along with a letter of reference upon course completion.

Successful candidates have the option to supplement this online course with a Teaching Practice Certificate and thus gain the


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How the course works

Students are assigned an online tutor who will be there at all times to support and guide you throughout the course. Communication between students and online tutors is mainly via e-mail although telephone tutorials can also be arranged. Once the registration process is complete the students can download the course materials into their computers and start work.

One of the advantages of taking an online TEFL-TESOL Certificate course such as this is its flexibility: you can work at your own pace and have no deadlines for submitting your work.

As you advance through the course units you will be receiving valuable feedback from your online tutor. It is not necessary to be online to work on the course. When you are ready to send in your materials all you need to do is attach your work to an e-mail.

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Course aims

This Online specialization TEFL-TESOL course is a comprehensive guide to how children learn a second or foreign language.

In addition to looking at learning theory and young learners methodology insights are offered on how teachers can deal with problem behaviour in the young learners classroom.

One of the aims of this online course also is to provide starting or already experienced teachers of young learners with an extensive bank of ideas, resources and practical activities that work with children and teenagers. This will be of particular interest to those overworked teachers who have little time to spend lesson planning or creating their own resources.

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Course contents

These are some of the issues that are explored on the course:

• Differences between adult and young language learners
• Traits of good young learners teachers
• Error correction with young learners
• Mood-setting activities
• Creating an uninhibited classroom environment
• Turning language exercises into meaningful and engaging activities
• Recycling materials
• Working with a course book
• Working without a course book
• Using only English in class
• Integrating English lessons and other subjects
• Problem behaviour with teenage students
• Bringing authentic communication into the teenage classroom

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Grading system

You progress will be continually evaluated. There are no exams. As you continue to improve in your teaching abilities your grade will continue to evolve to reflect your professional growth.

Certificates bear one of the following:

 Pass with Distinction
 Pass with Merit

Final grades are based on where you are at the end of your training and are given as either A+, A, B+, B or C.

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Course length

The Online Further TEFL-TESOL Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners is estimated at 60 hours. The length of time required to complete the course varies from person to person. If you dedicate yourself to the course fully, for example an average of three hours a day, you can finish in less than two weeks. Most people, however, due to other life and professional commitments can only work on the course four or five hours a week and take between six and eight weeks to finish. In any case there are no time limits for completing your course as we understand that eventualities come up.

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Course Dates and Fees

You may start your course as soon as your course fees have been paid.

Click HERE for details on course dates and fees.

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Job Guidance Guarantee

All our students and graduates can benefit from our Lifetime Job Guidance Program. Whilst no organisation can guarantee you a job at the end of your course, at Anglo Centres TEFL we work with you all along until you have found the job you are looking for, wherever that may be.

During your course we advise you on the best career path, job opportunities and prepare you for job interviews so you stay ahead of your competition. This continues long after you graduate with us and for as long as you need us.

We won't stop until we have found the right job for you!

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Teach with Anglo Centres TEFL after your course!

If you would like to live and teach in Spain you have the opportunity to work for Anglo Centres. We recruit new teachers every year for our Adult, Young Learner and Business English courses.

Priority is given to our graduates so you may well end up teaching at one of our centres!

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