Course Details

>>  Certificate and letter of reference
>>  FREE one-year subscription to Teachitworld, a leading
      resource site for teachers.
>>  Upgrade a previous online course to an Advanced TEFL
>>  Personal tutor support throughout your course
>>  6-8 hours teaching practice with real students of English
>>  Teach a wide range of levels and age groups: adult,
      teenage, young learners and Business English students
>>  Observation of experienced teachers
>>  Unlimited job guidance
>>  Train by the Spanish Mediterranean Coast
>>  Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
>>  Sign up with a friend and get 10 % off each
520 EUR
430 GBP
675 USD

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Experience has told us repeatedly that employers look more favourably upon those candidates whose TEFL qualification includes a teaching practice component.

Thus, the Teaching Practice Certificate has been designed as a supplement to one or more of Anglo Centres TEFL's online TEFL courses.

This course can also be taken as a free-standing Teaching Practice (TP) certificate is aimed at those wanting some hands-on teaching practice in preparation for a teaching job and those practising teachers who would like to learn about newer techniques and approaches in English Language Teaching.

Course Qualifications 

Successful candidates will be awarded the CERTIFICATE OF TEACHING PRACTICE IN TEFL-TESOL.

An added benefit of completing a TP Certificate, other than the invaluable hands-on experience that you will receive, is that the online course you completed is automatically upgraded to an Advanced Certificate. Thus:

  • Online TEFL Certificate +
    TP Certificate = Advanced Certificate in TEFL

  • Online First Certificate for Teachers of Business English +
    TP Certificate = Advanced Certificate in Teaching English for Business

  • Online Young Learners Certificate +
    TP Certificate = Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Young Learners

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How the course works

Course delivery is very simple:

You are assigned a personal tutor who will assign you TP classes and lessons to plan for.

You will teach your lessons at one of Anglo Centres TEFL's schools. You can do your lesson planning at home and then run your plan by your tutor via e-mail or do it in person, whatever suits you best.

Depending on your goals and/or type of course you have completed (or are completing) you will teach Adults, Young Learners, Business English students or a combination of these. This will be decided between you and your tutor.

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Course Aims

The overall aim of the Teaching Practice Certificate is to give trainee teachers the opportunity to put the theories and methodologies they have covered and explored on their online courses into practice with real learners of English.

This course is a further opportunity to design and implement activities and lessons and then reflect on their effectiveness in the classroom.

The ultimate goal is for candidates to learn from practice and reflection and take steps towards becoming more effective TEFL-TESOL practitioners.

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Course contents

The Teaching Practice TEFL-TESOL Certificate involves:

  • A minimum of six hours' observed teaching and lesson planning.

  • Guided purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors which amount to a minimum of eight hours, four of which should be live lessons and then others may be videoed lessons or lessons in which the trainees are foreign language learners.

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Length of the Course

It usually takes between 10 and 14 days to complete the TP Certificate. This is negotiated between you and your tutor so as to accommodate your needs and availability.

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At the end of each lesson you teach you will receive a grade which takes account of your teaching performance, lesson plan and reflections after your lesson.

After each lesson your tutor will give you detailed feedback on your strengths and weaknesses and specific advice so you can maintain and/or improve on your grades.

Certificates bear one of the following:

 Pass with Distinction
 Pass with Merit

Final grades are based on where you are at the end of your training and are given as either A+, A, B+, B or C.

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Course Dates and Fees

Click HERE for details on course dates and fees.

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Job Guidance Guarantee

All our students and graduates can benefit from our Lifetime Job Guidance Program. Whilst no organisation can guarantee you a job at the end of your course, at Anglo Centres TEFL we work with you all along until you have found the job you are looking for, wherever that may be.

During your course we advise you on the best career path, job opportunities and prepare you for job interviews so you stay ahead of your competition. This continues long after you graduate with us and for as long as you need us.

We won't stop until we have found the right job for you!

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Teach with Anglo Centres TEFL after your course!

If you would like to live and teach in Spain you have the opportunity to work for Anglo Centres. We recruit new teachers every year for our Adult, Young Learner and Business English courses.

Priority is given to our graduates so you may well end up teaching at one of our centres!

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