While enrolled at Anglo Centres TEFL, we will provide you with access to specific job guidance services including:

Guest Speakers, including past graduates who will share their tips and success stories on how they found their jobs.

Resume and CV Writing Workshops, that will ensure you are properly conveying your TEFL-TESOL training and credentials in a way that will put your name at the top of the “hire” pile. Since resume layouts and expectations vary from country to country, we will tailor our guidance to the area of the world you are seeking employment in.

Interview Skills, that will ensure you always say the right things, and never the wrong things, at your job interviews.

Contacting former Graduates, will give you connections with highly respected teachers throughout the world. Not only will this give you an “in” in the country of your choice, it will also be a valuable resource for learning the pluses and minuses of life and work in that country.

Our Resource Packs, which you will be given as part of your graduation, are stuffed with useful telephone numbers and addresses of potential employers worldwide.

Life-Time Job Guidance. Our job guidance services don’t stop after graduation. At Anglo Centres TEFL, you will always be considered part of our classroom. No matter where you are in the world or life, you can always use our full, ongoing life-time job guidance services.