At Anglo Centres TEFL we take our motto, “People Teaching People”, seriously.

The most important trait of any teacher is to possess a love for learning. At Anglo Centres TEFL everyone, from our trainees to our teachers, from our practice students to our directors, are life-long learners. We are a family that teach and learn from each other. This is the Anglo Centres TEFL difference.

Whereas other English Language schools place emphasis on getting you certified as quickly as possible, Anglo Centres TEFL is committed to ensuring that at the end of your training you will have not only a paper certificate, but practical experience and real teaching methods to go along with it.

The Anglo Centres TEFL Difference:

  • People learn best by doing. This is why at Anglo Centres TEFL you will get hands-on experience with actual English language students. Instead of learning how to teach out of a textbook, you will take what you learn in our classrooms and apply it in an actual classroom setting. With our hands-on approach, you will graduate and enter the job market with the confidence and the experience you need to make a difference in other people’s lives.
  • Learning is fun. Although our courses are intense, we believe they should also be fun. If you are not having fun, your teaching will suffer. Unlike other programs, Anglo Centres TEFL builds our curriculum with you in mind. As teachers, we understand that every student has personal needs and opinions. We do not use an inflexible, standardized curriculum. Instead we practice what we preach and cater our classes to meet your individual needs, just as you will do for your students.
  • Teaching is a responsibility. As teachers we take pride in our profession. It is our commitment to instil this same pride and professionalism in you. While other English language programs seem to sell teaching as an easy way to see the world, at Anglo Centres TEFL we give you the training and experience needed to be competent professionals.

The Anglo Centres TEFL Guarantee:

At Anglo Centres TEFL you will be taught by experienced professionals with vast knowledge in teaching methods and practice. All of our instructors have classroom experience from almost every  part of the world.

At Anglo Centres TEFL you will graduate with the training, knowledge and confidence to immediately begin teaching English.

At Anglo Centres TEFL you will be given an education that will allow you to travel the world; living in exciting new communities and working with interesting people.

At Anglo Centres TEFL we will either get you a job upon successful completion of our course or show you how to find the perfect job.

At Anglo Centres TEFL you will learn in the exciting, authentically Spanish city of Tarragona. While studying at Anglo Centres TEFL you will have the opportunity to make life-long connections with members of the community and often times secure a job even prior to graduation.

“People Teaching People”, That’s the Anglo Centres TEFL Difference.

Anglocentres TEFL

Anglo Centres TEFL
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