Course Details

>>  Certificate and letter of reference
>>  Internationally-recognized qualification
>>  CELTA / Trinity equivalent
>>  FREE one-year subscription to Teachitworld, a leading
      resource site for teachers
>>  FREE pre-course grammar crash-course
>>  220 plus hours of instruction and course work
>>  Personal tutor support throughout your course
>>  6-8 hours' teaching practice with real students of English
>>  Teach a wide range of levels and age groups: adult,
       teenage, young learners and Business English students
>>  Endorsement in Teaching English for Business and
      English to Young Learners (optional)
>>  Observation of experienced teachers
>>  Input delivered through dynamic interactive workshops
>>  Unlimited job guidance
>>  Preference for jobs at our English Language Schools
>>  Train by the Spanish Mediterranean Coast
>>  Sign up with a friend and get 10 % off each
1,295 EUR
1,035 GBP
1,645 USD
1,365 EUR
1,090 GBP
1,735 USD

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Anglo Centres TEFL's 4-Week residential TEFL-TESOL course is both intensive and demanding. Within just four weeks you will learn about the methods and practice of teaching, observe experienced teachers, and even have an opportunity to teach real students. The result of this course is that you will graduate with the knowledge and professionalism that will place you a step ahead of your competition.

Due to the intensive nature of the course, we expect all of our students to fully dedicate their time and attention to their studies. A majority of your days will be consumed by your class work. For this reason we highly recommend that you limit your plans for tourism until after the course. After all, with a TEFL-TESOL certification in just four weeks, you will have your ticket to experiencing the world in no time.

Course Qualifications and Accreditation

>  Successful candidates on the Advanced TEFL Certificate will be awarded:

The ADVANCED Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)

> Successful candidates on the Endorsed Advanced TEFL Certificate will be awarded:

The ADVANCED Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) with an Endorsement in Teaching English for Business and English to Young Learners.


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How the course works

Your day will typically begin with input sessions in the morning and early afternoon, followed by teaching practice sessions and observations. During these practice sessions you will learn from your peers. Our practice sessions are based on the workshop model of learning where, after the session, the students offer each other constructive criticism and reflections on what they learned.

For your Teaching Practice you will be teaching real adult learners of General and Business English and also Young Learners. This makes our courses unique in the market. This experience will enable you to teach English effectively in a range of different learning contexts making you a very attractive candidate for a variety of teaching positions.

Teaching practice involves a minimum of six hours' observed teaching and lesson planning. There are guided purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors which amount to a minimum of eight hours, four of which should be live lessons and then others may be videoed lessons or lessons in which the trainees are foreign language learners.

Those course participants interested in obtaining an Endorsement in Teaching English for Business and English to Young Learners will need to complete two extra modules of work.

This TEFL course is offered at the following locations in Spain:

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Course Contents

Our TEFL-TESOL course involves over 220+ hours of coursework, including at least six hours of hands-on teaching practice with real foreign language students. Classroom hours will primarily focus on ELT methodology and teaching practice. All of our classes take a hands-on, fun orientated approach to learning. Instead of teaching from a textbook, we learn together through interactive, fun workshops. You will also be given opportunities to observe experienced teachers using the skills you have learned in a real classroom setting. In the end, you too will be given an opportunity to apply your newly acquired knowledge to teaching English to real students in a real classroom.

Our syllabus covers the following topics:

Learning and learner styles
Classroom management and teacher language
Language awareness:
  - The English Grammar System
  - The Phonology of English
  - The Lexis of English
Teaching grammar
Teaching pronunciation
Teaching vocabulary
Teaching models and lesson planning
Course materials evaluation
Teaching the four skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking
Teaching English for Specific Purposes /Business English
Teaching Young Learners and teenagers

 See full course syllabus here

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Course Aims

The overall aim of The Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Advanced Certificate TESOL) is to prepare candidates for their first English teaching job. This internationally accredited course provides the candidate with a deeper understanding of the relationship between the theories underpinning the practice of teaching English together with guided, purposeful observations of qualified and experienced tutors. A course at this level includes specialist learning and involves detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge in TESOL-TEFL.

The following are some of the more specific objectives of this TESOL-TEFL course:

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) provides candidates with a deeper insight into the challenges facing the learner and the teacher.

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) is available to native and near native English speakers whose first or second language is English.

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) is suitable for those who want to teach internationally.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) gives candidates a deeper understanding of the theory of contemporary English teaching practice.

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) is aware of the importance of further professional development throughout candidates' career.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) reflects current approaches to TESOL-TEFL.

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) encourages candidates to experience what it is like to be a language learner.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) provides candidates with a deeper understanding about the relationship between the theories underpinning their practice.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) encourages candidates to develop self-evaluation techniques and record progress throughout their course.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) ensures candidates learn valuable work-life skills and help them develop a successful career.    

  • The Advanced TEFL Certificate (Advanced Certificate TESOL) provides access to skills books for teaching reading, writing and listening; pronunciation books and the accompanying tapes; as well as vocabulary books.

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Length of the course

The 4-week Advanced Certificate in TEFL comprises of an estimated 220+ hours. This includes a minimum of 100 tutor/trainer-contact hours and a minimum of 30 study/ research hours.

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Learning to Learn

As a bonus, part of your TEFL-TESOL training will involve becoming a foreign language learner yourself. Anglo Centres TEFL believes the best way to understand the learning process is to step into the shoes of the individuals you will be teaching. All of our students will take a three-lesson course in a language unknown to them. This part of the course is often described as being “an eye-opener” that gives you first-hand understanding of learner needs and allows you to understand how your TEFL-TESOL students will feel.

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Your progress will be continually evaluated. There are no exams. As you continue to improve in your teaching abilities your grade will continue to evolve to reflect your professional growth.

Certificates bear one of the following:

 Pass with Distinction
 Pass with Merit

Final grades are shown on your letter of reference based on where you are at the end of your 4-week training and are given as either A+, A, B+, B or Pass.

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Course fees and dates

You will find specific information on course dates and fees for this course by clicking HERE.

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After the course

When you successfully complete the course you will be awarded your Advanced Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL). However, your real award will not be a mere piece of paper. Your award will be your possession of the skills, experience and confidence to go out anywhere in the world and successfully teach other learners the English language. At Anglo Centres TEFL, you graduate with more than just a certification to teach, you graduate as a professional educator.

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Job Guidance Guarantee

All our students and graduates can benefit from our Lifetime Job Guidance Program. Whilst no organisation can guarantee you a job at the end of your course, at Anglo Centres TEFL we work with you all along until you have found the job you are looking for, wherever that may be.

During your course we advise you on the best career path, job opportunities and prepare you for job interviews so you stay ahead of your competition.

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Teach with Anglo Centres TEFL after your course!

If you would like to live and teach in Spain you have the opportunity to work for Anglo Centres. We recruit new teachers every year for our Adult, Young Learner and Business English courses.

Priority is given to our graduates so you may well end up teaching at one of our centres!

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